Join a Winning Team at Murdock Hyundai Lindon

We, as the Murdock Auto Team, stand in a league of our own in the automotive industry by delivering on our No Regrets promise through employee enthusiasm, guest experience, and continual innovation and growth.


INTEGRITY Always do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular or convenient – and do so without excuse and regardless of the cost. Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for your results. Take ownership of your mistakes.

URGENCY Our urgency will cause us to quickly serve our guests and one another. Fill sixty seconds worth of time with sixty seconds worth of work. Find reasons to do things now rather than find reasons to debate, delay and procrastinate.

TEAMWORK The good of the team comes before the personal comfort or the agenda of any individual team member. Always support team members and the Murdock culture with excellence and positivity.

DRIVEN Come to work to work having an acute attention to detail, becoming brilliant in the basics and getting the little things done right the first time. Embed in ourselves a compulsion for success, not accepting words like “can’t”, “try”, or “hope”; finding a way to achieve any standard, objective or goal.

PERSONAL GROWTH Employees are expected to work as hard on themselves as on their job. Getting better in not optional. If you are unwilling to grow, you can’t work here. Personal growth is an integral part of executing the standards we have set.

GIVE Always deliver a wow experience through service excellence. Always give more than expected without expecting something in return. Always give with genuine caring. Extend our giving by being active participants in our communities! This means we will volunteer, contribute to, and promote any worthy causes that strengthen our communities. And we will search these causes out rather than hoping they find us first!

“They emphasize that you grow personally to be able to do the things you want to achieve and accomplish”
Shawn Miller, Service & Parts Director

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be appreciated and involved in your career, your search is complete. We have a great history of providing excellent career opportunities for sharp, energetic people.

We are always looking for qualified:

  • Vehicle sales consultants
  • Service technicians
  • Service valets/porters
  • Accounting/Administrative personnel
  • Lot attendants